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Morning & Evening Prayers 
Monday - Friday 8:00 am and 8:00 pm Online With:

Pastor Amy Jo Hawley

Woman with Bible

These prayers are available for you to join and watch any time from our Facebook page! 

Friday Morning September 4th:      

Friday Evening September 4th:

Thursday Morning September 3rd:

Thursday Evening September 3rd:

Wednesday Evening September 2nd: 

Tuesday Morning September 1st:

Tuesday Evening September 1st:

Monday Morning August 31st:

Monday Evening August 31st:

Friday Morning August 28th:

Friday Evening August 28th:

Thursday Morning August 27th:

Wednesday Morning August 26th:

Wednesday Evening August 26th:

Tuesday Morning August 25th:

Tuesday Evening August 25th:

Monday Morning August 24th:

Monday Evening August 24th:

Friday Morning August 21st:

Friday Evening August 21st:

Thursday Morning August 20th:

Thursday Evening August 20th:

Wednesday Morning August 19th:

Wednesday Evening August 19th:

Tuesday Morning August 18th:

Tuesday Evening August 18th:

Monday Morning August 17th:

Monday Evening August 17:

Friday Morning August 14th:

Friday Evening August 14th:

Thursday Morning August 13th:

Thursday Evening August 13th:

Wednesday Morning August 12th:

Tuesday Morning August 11th:

Tuesday Evening August 11th:

Monday Morning August 10th:

Monday Evening August 10th:

Friday Morning August 7th:

Friday Evening August 7th:

Thursday Morning August 6th:

Thursday Evening August 6th:

Wednesday Morning August 5th:

Tuesday Morning August 4th:

Tuesday Evening August 4th:

Monday Morning August 3rd:

Monday Evening August 3rd:

Wednesday Morning July 22nd:

Tuesday Morning July 21st:

Tuesday Evening July 21st:

Monday Morning July 20th:

Monday Evening July 20th:

Saturday Morning July 18th:

Saturday Evening July 18th:

Friday Morning July 17th:

Friday Evening July 17th:

Thursday Morning July 16th:

Thursday Evening July 16th:

Wednesday Morning July 15th:

Wednesday Evening July 15th:

Tuesday Morning July 14th:

Tuesday Evening July 14th:

Monday Morning July 13th:

Monday Evening July 13th:

Saturday Morning July 11th:

Saturday Evening July 11th:

Friday Morning July 10th:

Friday Evening July 10th:

Thursday Morning July 9th:

Thursday Evening July 9th:

Wednesday Morning July 8th:

Wednesday Evening July 8th:

Tuesday Morning July 7th:

Tuesday Evening July 7th:

Monday Morning July 6th:

Monday Evening July 6th:

Saturday Morning July 4th:

Saturday Evening July 4th:

Friday Morning Jul 3rd:

Friday Evening July 3rd:

Thursday Morning July 2nd:

Thursday Evening July 2nd:

Wednesday Morning July 1st:

Wednesday Evening July 1st:

Tuesday Morning June 30th:

Tuesday Evening June 30th:

Monday Morning June 29th:

Monday Evening June 29th:

Saturday Morning June 27th:

Saturday Evening June 27th:

Friday Morning June 26th:

Friday Evening June 26th:

Thursday Morning June 25th:

Thursday Evening June 25th:

Wednesday Morning June 24th:

Wednesday Evening June 24th:

Tuesday Morning June 23rd:

Tuesday Evening June 23rd:

Monday Morning June 22nd:

Monday Evening June 22nd:

Saturday Morning June 20th:

Saturday Evening June 20th:

Friday Morning June 19th:

Friday Evening June 19th:

Thursday Morning June 18th:

Thursday Evening June 18th:

Wednesday Morning June 17th:

Wednesday Evening June 17th:

Tuesday Morning June 16th:

Tuesday Evening June 16th:

Monday Morning June 15th:

Monday Evening June 15th:

Saturday Morning June 13th:

Saturday Evening June 13th:

Friday Morning June 11th:

Friday Evening June 12th:

Thursday Morning June 11th:

Thursday Evening June 11th:

Wednesday Morning June 10th:

Wednesday Evening June 10th:

Tuesday Morning June 9th:

Tuesday Evening June 9th:

Monday Morning June 8th:

Monday Evening June 8th:

Saturday Morning June 6th:

Saturday Evening June 6th:

Friday Morning June 5th:

Friday Evening June 5th:

Thursday Morning June 4th:

Thursday Evening June 4th:

Wednesday Morning June 3rd:

Wednesday Evening June 3rd:

Tuesday Morning June 2nd:

Tuesday Evening June 2nd:

Monday Morning June 1st:

Monday Evening June 1st:

Saturday Morning May 30th:

Saturday Evening May 30th:

Friday Morning May 29th:

Friday Evening May 29th:

Thursday Morning May 28th:

Thursday Evening May 28th:

Wednesday Morning May 27th:

Wednesday Evening May 27th:

Tuesday Morning May 26th:

Tuesday Evening May 26th:

Monday Morning May 25th:

Monday Evening May 25th:

Saturday Morning May 23rd:

Saturday Evening May 23rd:

Friday Morning May 22nd:

Friday Evening May 22nd:

Thursday Morning May 21st:

Thursday Evening May 21st:

Wednesday Morning May 20th:

Wednesday Evening May 20th:

Tuesday Morning May 19th:

Tuesday Evening May 19th:

Monday Morning May 18th:

Monday Evening May 18th:

Saturday Morning May 16th:

Saturday Evening May 16th:

Friday Morning May 15th:

Thursday Morning May 14th:

Thursday Evening May 14th:

Wednesday Morning May 13th:

Wednesday Evening May 13th:

Tuesday Morning May 12th:

Tuesday Evening May 12th:

Monday Morning May 11th:

Monday Evening May 11th:

Saturday Morning May 9th:

Saturday Evening May 9th:

Friday Morning May 8th:

Friday Evening May 8th:

Thursday Morning May 7th:

Thursday Evening May 7th:

Wednesday Morning May 6th:

Wednesday Evening May 6th:

Tuesday Morning May 5th:

Tuesday Evening May 5th:

Monday Morning May 4th:

Monday Evening May 4th:

Saturday Morning May 2nd:

Saturday Evening May 2nd:

Friday Morning May 1st:

Friday Evening May 1st:

Thursday Morning April 30th:

Thursday Evening April 30th: (2 parts)

Wednesday Morning April 29th:

Wednesday Evening April 29th:

Tuesday Morning April 28th:

Tuesday Evening April 28th:

Monday Morning April 27th:

Monday Evening April 27th:

Saturday Morning April 25th:

Saturday Evening April 25th:

Friday Morning April 24th:


Friday Evening April 24th:

Thursday Morning April 23rd:

Thursday Evening April 23rd:


Wednesday Morning April 22nd:

Wednesday Evening April 22nd:


Tuesday Morning April 21st:

Tuesday Evening April 21st:

Monday Morning April 20th:

Monday Evening April 20th:

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